Bus and minibus charters are common in most countries no matter how small or big the country is. Some are owned by the government while others are privately owned. In Singapore, buses are a common mean of road transport where the Land Transport Authority(LTA) has been put in place to regulate the private sector.

LTA requires that all buses and mini-buses undergo a regular check to ensure that they are road worthy. This is a very strict process that has serious consequences if not followed. They are also required to comply with the safety measures put up by the authority.

Types of private buses

Private hire bus
This bus can be used to transport members of a certain organization to work when hired by that organization. Their availability depends on the type of work you need them for and how many hours you require their services. The distance covered also comes into account.

When they are hired to transport school children, they enjoy a reduced 50% road tax. This is only applicable when they follow all the guidelines as instructed by the authority.

Private bus
This is usually owned by a company and must be registered as a private bus and contain the word ‘private’ on the body of the bus. They are allowed to only transport the staff members of the intended organization as per the guidelines.

School buses
In Singapore, school buses are registered under the school name and are only authorized to carry students and staff to and from the school. The bus can also acquire an Adult Workers’ Contract (AWC) that allows it to ferry adults to and from work. The bus is however restricted from transporting tourists.

Excursion Bus
This type of bus can be used for the most purposes compared to others. The fares charged is dependent on the owner of the bus.

These buses can be used as a means to transport people to and from their places of business or work. Alternatively, it can be used as a bus for ferrying tourists. They can also be used for the purpose of transporting students from school to their homes. Again, the owner is entitled to enjoy a 50% discount on road tax if the bus is used as a school transport. It is important to note that the owner can register it for more than one purpose.

Benefits of private charter transportation

The division of bus categories increases efficiency for the organisation that engaged the bus as it is only used for a specific purpose.

Better flow of traffic
When the buses have a specific destination to go, the routes to be taken can be pre-planned. This means that the driver can avoid roads that are congested with high traffic and also plan the shortest route to reach the destination.

Image of the transport sector
The private transport sector ensures that tourists will always have the option of engaging vehicles to ferry them to their various destinations. This also improves the image of the country to foreigners.

Buses and mini buses are an important part of Singapore’s transportation industry. They are recognized and appreciated by the citizens of Singapore.