Summer is here and blazing and screaming for you to take that much needed holiday. Many families take vacations this time of the year. And many tend to ignore a very important part of travelling, which is in getting a travel insurance. Travel insurance can save you from unforeseen expenses and provide you an absolute peace of mind. Some countries even require travelers to get travel insurance before embarking on their land. Following are some frequently asked questions and their answers to help you understand travel insurance:

How can travel insurance help me?

Travel insurance should be an important consideration before traveling to a foreign land. It can help by protecting you from unnecessary costs and save you from larger risks. Insurance provides personal accidents coverage and medical coverage. In case your wallet gets stolen or your baggage is lost, insurance can help you.

What is the difference between one trip insurance and annual insurance?

Insurance companies generally provide two kinds of travel insurances:

  • Single Trip insurance covers a single trip which begins and ends in Singapore.
  • Annual Travel Insurance covers all the trips you make in the year. It is designed for frequent travelers.

Can travel insurance be purchased after I am overseas?

No you must buy insurance before leaving the country. It has to be purchased before the trip begins. You should buy insurance right after your ticket is booked as some insurance can also protect you from trip cancellations.

Should I buy the cheapest plan available?

Although it is possible to save money on transportation rentals overseas, however, cheap pricing for insurance should not be your first concern. You must buy the insurance plan that suits your needs. It is better to compare several plans and go for the one that gives everything you need for the lowest price.

It is also recommended that you check all the finer details of the plan, like the activities that will be covered and the amenities you will use like bus rental or limousine service. Do not just go for the cheapest plan.

What will travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance can cover:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Travel delays not caused because of natural disasters or airline
  • Trip changes due to causes specified in the policy
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost baggage, personal items, money, credit cards
  • Check-in baggage delays

My credit card or travel ticket has insurance. Should I still buy travel insurance?

You must read the details of this insurance. If it meets all your insurance needs then you are good to go. But in most cases, this form of insurance is limited and will be futile in serious needs like an accident. Most free insurances offered with credit cards and ticket purchases are just there to allure you, they do not provide all necessary coverage.

I am only travelling to a nearby country. Should I still get travel insurance?

Yes insurance is good no matter the distance of your destinations. Remember you are in a foreign country and you can incur unforeseen expenses even if it is nearby.

This article should answer most of your questions regarding travel insurance. It also shows the benefits you can receive with getting insured before traveling. Happy traveling!