Planning the biggest day of your lives like weddings should not leave you confused when you think about transportation. Limousine service in Singapore not only gets everyone to the venue well within time but provides luxury and privacy. You will be the subject of the envy of your friends and colleagues. From customised pickups to a number of vehicle sizes, it will be your show all the way. Following are some reasons why you should hire a limousine for your wedding are.

Making a comfortable early morning start

Many women like to start preparing early on the day of their wedding. Visits need to be made to friends’ houses or to the salon. Not having a private mode of transport can ruin this plan a little. Limousine service allows you to schedule your own pickups. There will also be total privacy and comfort. You can go to the salon and pick up coffee and bakery items on the way.

 Getting photographed with the limousine

Clicking wedding photographs has a special charm to it. However, often, you have to squeeze in time from the event. Hiring a limousine will encourage you to take some time out and get clicked with the grand vehicle itself. You can even drive away to pleasant, secluded spots in the city with your friends and photographers.

Planning some time outside post-wedding

People with busy lifestyles seldom get a chance to spend quality time with their spouses. Utilise every window you get. If there are some hours to go for the reception after the wedding, schedule a special long drive. Do not forget to take the best man, the maid of honour and the bridal party. Enjoy with drinks and light music.

Transporting guests safely and comfortably

Everyone should reach the venue comfortably, including the bridegroom and the guests. If you have guests flying in specially for this event, limousine service is a good option. Generally, chauffeurs from good companies know the city inside out. They can save your guests’ valuable time by choosing alternative routes. Moreover, if your guests are in groups, you can opt for wedding mini bus rental.

Planning a bachelor party before the wedding

Bachelor/bachelorette parties are common in Singapore. If you too are having one before you settle down, hiring a limousine is the way to go. Prospective brides can relive their intimacy with their friends in the private and comfortable ambience of the limousine. You can also ask your bus rental service provider for music and complimentary drinks.

Arriving in style at the venue

The guests should be able to feel your exuberance and charm whenever you arrive at a destination. Wedding limousines help you arrive at the church, the reception venue and the lodging in luxury. You do not have to worry about reaching on time or about spoiling your dress.

Saving money on transport

Limousines can accommodate more people than normal cabs/taxis. This way, they save the costs and hassle of having to haul up a taxi every time. You will also save on parking fees and fuel.