Weddings are occasions of love and felicity, and a time when all your friends and relatives get together. People you haven’t seen in a long time drop by to attend the proceedings. However, all this is no fun if people don’t reach on time, or have an unpleasant experience travelling in Singapore’s MRT service of taxis. Limousine service, in that sense, is a must for wedding transportation. Here are the top 5 tips on how to arrange for smooth wedding transportation.

Book well in advance

In some cultures, weddings are held on auspicious dates. Make sure yours is still some months to go after you make a booking with your limousine service company. The period covering the months of April, May, and June generally sees a lot of proms and graduations. Formal vehicles like limos are in high demand, and you want to make sure you get your limousine from a good company. Avoid the last minute rush by booking well in advance.

Draft a timeline

You don’t need to note down every little detail of the wedding day. However, you should know where and how the bulk of your day will be spent. Will you be travelling from your home to the salon and then to the wedding venue? You could also need to pick people up from their respective destinations. If the day is going to be busy, make sure your chauffeur knows alternative routes so as to avoid traffic.

Read the fine print

Start off by making a budget based on your transportation requirements. Have a written agreement stating terms of service like refund and gratuity, total cost, pick-up and drop-off locations, deposits required, and the exact vehicles you have chosen. Before signing on the dotted line, do confirm if the all-inclusive charges include taxes. Lastly, make sure your driver is insured and licensed. Wedding packages offer vehicles for a fixed duration of time, and limo companies offer them at bulk rate discounts.

Choose the right vehicle

Though it’s tough to know the exact number of people travelling with you, it is good to have a rough estimate. If you are taking only a few friends with you to the venue, a regular 6-12 passenger limo will do. SUV limos can seat about 15 passengers, but if you want around 20 people seated, go for minibus rental service. Do ask the limo company if they can provide vehicles with wedding decorations. Window decals are easy to put on and remove. You can also skip the regular white stretch limousine, and choose something sleeker and in different colors.

Don’t skimp on much-needed fun

You only marry once and it’s worth making it worthwhile. Make sure that the limo you’re traveling in has facilities for music and dance. These days, limo rental companies provide karaoke systems, sound bars, and LCD screens. Ask your limousine service company if they offer complimentary champagne and snacks. You can even get off and pose for photographs once on your way to the wedding venue.