Traveling with toddlers or young school-goers can be a truly fun and enriching experience or a completely nightmarish one. It all depends on how you manage affairs. To start with, it is important to understand that children can get a bit fussier when they are traveling. Therefore, they will require more care and attention in order to feel comfortable. Besides, their special needs will have to be catered to without fail. For instance, if your child has travel sickness, you will need to pack in anti vomiting tablets right before heading out for your Limousine rental ride. Here are few more tips that can make travelling with kids simpler.

Always Carry a Stroller

Carrying a small stroller is one of the first things to consider when planning a trip with your toddler. Be it at the airport, bus station, or while exploring the city on foot, there would be plenty of walking on the cards. Don’t expect your toddlers to be happy in a carry sack! He will want to travel comfortably and look around for new sights and smells. This will also keep him happily engaged.

Plan your Flight Carefully

Choose the timing judiciously. If you child sleeps a lot during the day, a day time flight is advisable. For heavy night sleepers, an early morning flight should be better. Carry baby food and snacks. Meltdowns become more intense when hunger strikes. Keep feeding periodically, in small portions. Carry a handful of his favorite play items in the hand baggage. Hand out one toy at a time. If your toddler is slightly older, loading your iPad with games and kids movies is also a great idea for keeping them engaged. Remember, a flight is not exactly the place where you should be concerned about limiting screen time. All you need to worry about is avoiding a meltdown till you land.

Carry all Medications

Children are prone to cough, cold, mild fevers and frequent stomach upsets. So, make sure you carry all his medications along with a certified prescription for the same. If your child is suffering from allergies of any kind, be mindful of what he or she is putting in the mouth. Even candies can contain allergic irritants in certain cases. And an accidental bout of allergy could be petrifying to deal with, on a travel.

Consider a Home-Stay

Home-stays are more comfortable to live in with kids. You have your own kitchen for preparing meals for your baby. Besides, your child gets a more homely ambience, like the one he is used to. He has more space to move about and is generally happier. Hotels can be claustrophobic especially for children who have just learnt walking or crawling and are continuously on the move.

Give Ample Time

Planning a relaxed schedule is the key when you are travelling with kids. Children are in no hurry. They take time in appreciating the finer things of life and more so because the place is new for them. Forcing them to hurry could make them cranky. Renting a mini bus charter for local tour would also be a good idea.

And of course, make sure everything is booked in advance. Right from your stays, to your minibus charters or your train rides; every booking should be done prior to the travel date. Take no chances.