Your child’s birthday party cannot go smoothly unless the guests are comfortable. Your wish is to celebrate with them the milestone your child has made in life. The achievement means a lot to your child, and there is no better way of rewarding them than throwing a party in their honor.

The party can not be complete without friends, relatives and even business associates. For you to ensure the party goes as planned and your guests arrive on time, transport services can not be ignored. However, hiring the services is not enough.You need to ensure the transport services you hire will deliver as promised and that the minibus to be used is mechanically sound.

Here are tips to guide you when hiring minibus charter services:

Early Booking
Your child’s birthday is not an emergency. It has been on the calendar for the whole time. The plan to throw a party has also been part of your thoughts. Therefore, sourcing for minibus rental should be part of the planning and not something to be done last minute. Once you have your guests’ list ready, go ahead and make your booking for a suitable minibus that will transport your guests to and from the party. Early booking ensures that you pick the best and also allow the company you are sourcing from adequate time to prepare your vehicle.

Choose the right minibus
Go for a minibus rental that suits the kind of party you have in mind. There are different types of minibuses available ranging from the luxurious to the common types. Go through different quotations and choose one that suits your style and budget. Before you make the payment, remember to counter check your guests’ list and go for one that will comfortably accommodate them all. You do not want surprises the last minute that your guests can not fit in the minibus and you need an extra one. This may end up distorting your budget and leave you in a financial crisis afterwards.

Go for a test drive
Before ditching out your cash or writing that cheque, ask for a test drive. Do not just trust the sales person that the vehicle is good. Once the company you are dealing with gives you a quotation and details of the vehicle, take a test drive and have a feel of the car.
If you do not understand the mechanical aspects of a vehicle or you are not a competent driver, ask someone you trust to check the vehicle on your behalf. The test drive will give you peace of mind and assurance that your guests will be comfortable.

Check reviews
With so many transport companies coming up in Singapore, you really can never tell which one to pick. However, with technology, customers can drop reviews about the services of a certain company. Take your time to read through the reviews of the company you choose before making your final decision.
Check the company website for customer testimonials. Social media platforms too can give leads on the kind of services offered by a given company. Check them out especially the negative feedback and decide whether it’s something you can overlook.

Agree on terms
Once you’ve identified your service provider, agree on terms of engagement before you make your commitment. Understand whether the vehicle is available for use throughout the day or they will just pick and drop your guests. Some companies may charge waiting fee especially if you just need the vehicle to pick and drop guests. Agree on these fine details so that you are fully protected at the end of the day.

Use these five simple tips and avoid last minute surprises.