The term limousine substitutes for a number of differently sized, spacious and chauffeur driven luxury vehicles. Too often, while booking limousine service for your events, you tend to book the same size over and over. Conducting enough research and understanding the differences between different limos is important. More often than not, the size will depend on two factors, that is, the event and the number of people to be transported. Here are some tips on choosing the right limo for the right event.

Book in advance to be safe

With the kind popularity limousine service enjoys, don’t be surprised if booking a day in advance doesn’t get you the right vehicle. People often book limos for important events, months in advance. That’s how important getting the right limo is—so book at least a month in advance. Another reason to book in advance is to inform your company about your schedule and have them offer a customized plan.

Consider the size of your event/party

If you need limousine service for a business trip or an airport transfer, a sedan-size vehicle is enough. Even a couple of extra colleagues can be easily handled. For events like pub crawls or weddings, you can consider a party bus to seat 20+ passengers comfortably.

Limos that are extraordinarily large can serve as good options for proms, where several couples travel together, or funerals, since funeral attendances can be large.

The difference between medium and small limos is not a lot, but longer limos have extra seating and a longer bar. Ideally, longer limos should be chosen when business groups or couples for prom night are travelling together. Smaller limousines are a better choice for VIP airport transfers. Make sure your limo has enough space for the passengers’ bags.

Avoid choosing the cheapest

Ask your company for a detailed breakdown of the charges. Asking upfront about extra charges or gratuities also helps. If you want to work with a certain budget, look up rental packages. Packages are great for events like weddings, VIP airport transfers, proms, and the like. Bus rental service companies can customize packages when limos are needed for longer periods of time.

Think economically, but do not gravitate to the companies with the lowest quotes. Also, do not choose an 80” limo instead of a 100” just because it comes at a lower price.

Opt for party buses for celebrations

Parties require space for enjoyment, and minibus rental service is the right option for the same. If the group has less than 10 people, an SUV stretch will provide enough room. However, if you have more people, or would need space to shake a leg, go for a party bus. Party buses, too, comes in different sizes, and can seat 14-40 passengers.

Ask for amenities

Limos come with special features, and depending on the kind of event, you can ask for music facilities and complimentary drinks. If you are having a birthday party or a bachelorette party, ask for features like karaoke system. You can also ask for features like child seats and handicap access.