Renting a limo is a big fun. Be for occasions like wedding, an airport transfer, or simply going bar hopping on New Year’s Eve. Limousine rental services take travelling to an entirely different level. Reaching a venue on time is not a hassle anymore, and you can impress business guests as well. However, make sure your company will not cancel at the last moment, or send you the wrong vehicle. To avoid ruining these rare limo trips, consider a few things before renting a limo.

What is your purpose?

Companies might have different pricing for different events. For instance, airport transfers. They can also charge a minimum hourly cost on Fridays and Saturdays. You can hire a limousine if it is your prom or wedding. For sightseeing purposes, choose an economy vehicle with better seating capacity.

How many people are travelling?

You will need to have an accurate idea of how many people will be travelling with you. Extra people at the last time will mean hailing cabs and be paying extra. Minibus charter service will be a better choice for a larger group.

Get the right vehicle size

It is important to know the exact number of people travelling. Vehicles limousine rental companies generally provide, apart from 6-12 passenger limousines, are:

  • 14-22 SUV Limousine
  • 18-seater Hummer
  • 22-35 seater Shuttle bus
  • 45-55 seater Coach
  • 14-22 seater small Limo bus
  • 28-35 seater Coach Limo bus

Don’t choose the cheapest

Cheapest quotes will invariably mean the lowest quality of service. To get the right price, though, plan in advance. Ask for quotes from several companies and consider services offered. Ask for a breakdown of the total cost and check whether it includes any gratuities.

Does your limousine rental have insurance?

The law requires third party as the minimum in Singapore. Ask the limousine rental company to provide their license and proof of insurance. You must also check how many passengers the company is licensed to carry. Chauffeurs need to have separate licenses.

Get necessary clarifications

Ask the company for a written agreement, mentioning the cost, the deposit required and refund policies. The agreement should also include pickup and drop off times, along with arrival and departure locations. Always ask for clarification wherever you don’t understand a detail. Be careful with ‘add-on’ services and ask for an all-inclusive package.

Asking for special features

This depends on the passengers and the purpose behind hiring the limo. If you are having a bachelor party, ask for complimentary drinks and music and dance facilities. Other special features include handicap access and child seats.

Do you need a package?

If it is a special occasion like a wedding, prom, or a VIP airport transfer, consider getting a package. Minibus charter companies offer customised packages for events spread over a couple of days or a week or so.

What is their cancellation policy?

The quotes you ask for should include cancellation fees as well. After selecting your company on the basis of this, get a written booking confirmation along with their cancellation policy. Get a confirmation in writing that the company will not subcontract the booking.