The National Limousine Association (NLA) in United States won four big digital awards for its 60 seconds animated PSA called “Digital Hitchhiking: Think before you App!” It has won Gold AVA Digital Award, two Telly Bronze Awards and one Hermes Platinum Award. This PSA is part of the ongoing campaign of NLA called Ride Responsibly. The team behind the PSA was elated to have won such prestigious titles.

The AVA Digital Awards are given out in recognition of excellence in digital communications. It is administered and judged by the AMCP. This animation PSA was among 2500 entries to this year’s competition and they came from 19 different countries. The Telly Awards are for honoring films, videos, TV commercials and web advertisements. There were 13,000 entries for the Bronze Award for Online Video. And finally the Hermes Awards are an international competition that recognizes outstanding work in traditional and emerging media. It is a very big competition with 5,500 entries from around the world.

The awards spell out the success of this animation clip and the campaign at large. This clip was only a small part of a bigger mission of the NLA.

What is NLA?

It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to link and support the interests of both the private driver transportation industry at all layers and the passengers. It is a link between transportation industry professionals like owners and operators to manufacturers and suppliers, local and state limousine services and bus charter. It has above 2000 members and the organization is working day in and out to bring professionalism, transparency and innovation to this industry in America.

Ride Responsibly

The Ride Responsibly campaign by NLA is efforts to bring close the rights of passengers and the duties of the service providers. The campaign aims to bring forth best safety practices for private car hire companies that use mobile apps for getting customers like Uber, Lyft or Whisk.

With these Apps taking a major chunk of the ride market, the safety concern is higher than ever. This initiative has been taken to address these very concerns. It will give grounds to the public and transportation authorities to voice out their concerns. This program also aims to educate the service provides as well as the public about the different regulations in this sector. They should know the legislations and the practices to achieve better outcomes for both ends of this business.

The name clearly tells what the actual aim is of the campaign: for people and service providers to ride responsibly.

What’s in it For Singapore Based Companies?

Singapore should have such initiatives as well that address the concerns of both ends of the limousine and car hiring businesses. Happy and contented clients can automatically translate into huge successes as a business. And to achieve that, initiatives like Ride Responsibly can bridge the growing gap between service providers and passengers. After all, Singapore takes thousands of rides everyday from such services so such a program is likely to be a big benefit.