The festive season is just around the corner. New Year’s Eve means celebrations and optimism for the coming year. Hiring limousine service for New Year’s Eve is the perfect way to cheer up and let your hair down. You need not worry about transport and picking up your friends. To top it all, you can travel in style, and even go club hopping easily. Here are some reasons and benefits in hiring a limo for vacations or New Year’s Eve.

You do not have to ruin your look

You will be all dressed up for New Year’s Eve. Taking a cab or waiting for public transport could undo hours of hard work that has gone into creating your look. With limousine service, you will step right into the vehicle without ruining your feet. Ladies with high heels will find it especially convenient because standing in them for too long can be painful. The plush interiors and air conditioning will also help maintain your look. Even for men, it will help avoid ruining their shoes.

Party on wheels

Limousines provide perfect party ambience. That is the reason why you need not hire one just for traveling to the party venue. You can ask for lights and music from the bus rental service company. You can safely enjoy your drinks and groove to the music right inside the limo. They are spacious vehicles with lots of space. You can even watch a movie inside with all your friends. The best thing is that limo chauffeurs are trained enough not to get distracted by the party atmosphere.

Be safe with your celebrations

New Year’s Eve is a busy time and your car could be at risk from bad traffic conditions. Parking trouble could also mean unwanted dents and scratches. If you are driving your own vehicle after spending the evening drinking, there is a greater chance of accidents. Apart from the fine you’re going to cough up, it could also prove fatal. Limo drivers are regularly screened for alcoholism and traffic regulations. Travelling in a limo is, therefore, absolutely safe. Remember you could have your friends and family with you as well.

Hiring a limo is cheaper

Considering you are going to down a few drinks, it is not recommended to drive after that. DUI has serious and non-negotiable penalties in Singapore. It can either have you imprisoned or cost thousands in fines, or both. Limousine service provides licensed and trained chauffeurs, which relieves you of this potential risk. Travelling in different vehicles and coordinating with friends can mean wastage of gas, unnecessary confusion, and parking fees. Hiring a limo can thus help compensate on expenses made on celebrations.

Customise your travel plan

Limousine service is very customer-oriented. You can schedule your own pickups and even delay them if required. If you are going to pick up your friends from different parts of the city, it is the perfect solution. If you have got a large group, you can ask for bus rental service. 13 and 23 seater vans are available for larger groups. You can even ask for particular themes.