Hiring limousine service without conducting proper research about the limo company could be dangerous. Imagine what stands to happen if the driver of your limo is drunk and gets hauled up. There could even be an accident, or a delay to your all-important business meeting at the least. Also, ask your limo company whether they provide customized pick-ups and drop-offs. Here are a few questions you should ask your minibus rental service company.

What training requirements do you seek in your drivers?

You need to ask what kind of training their drivers undergo. The chauffeurs should definitely have a valid driver’s license. Ask the limousine service company whether they conduct regular tests for alcoholism.

Will the chauffeur be professionally dressed?

If you are getting VIP guests picked up from the airport, professional decorum has to be maintained. Limousine service goes a long way in achieving this. Ask the bus rental service company about their dressing codes for chauffeurs. You will require appropriately dressed chauffeurs for weddings as well.

What is covered under the insurance?

The possibility of minor collisions or even serious accidents must never be ruled out. Ask them whether they offer liability insurance for personal injury and if additional insurance will be required for valuable belongings.

Will you provide food and drinks?

This is important to ask, since some companies offer food and champagne, while others don’t. If your company doesn’t provide limos stocked with food and drinks, you will have to order it in advance.

Will you provide a signed contract?

Just like in any business transaction, it is better to have a signed contract in writing. You surely don’t want to pay additional charges not accounted for earlier. Ask whether the chauffeur’s gratuity is included in the total cost.

The contract should mention dates, locations and pick-up timings, besides prices including overtime charges and so on. Ask the company whether they charge you on miles travelled or on an hourly basis.

What is your industry experience?

Limousine service is not like hiring a cab, and you should always insist on choosing an experienced company. You must ask your company as to how long they have been in business. Experienced companies always offer the detail you require.

 Questions about the vehicles

  • What all limousine types do you provide? Do you have the seating capacity for our group?
  • Do you provide air conditioning in your limousines?
  • What interior and exterior colors are available for each vehicle?
  • What is your policy on breakdowns, flat-tires, mechanical failures and so on?
  • Are we required to submit a security deposit for any unforeseen party accidents?
  • What entertainment facilities do you have in your vehicles? If you are having a party, you will require sound bars, CD players etc.
  • Can you provide photographs of your limos?

If it is the first time you are hiring limousine service, you should not shy away from asking some important questions. If you have a VIP airport transfer or an important business meeting, ask what happens if the limo is late.