Most of us have formed our impressions about limos based on what we have seen in movies, television shows or a pricey road show. However, many of our conceptions are actually false! It is grossly improper to develop ideas about the super cool stretch limos, before riding one yourself. If you are planning to opt for a limousine rental, it is extremely important to do away with the misconceptions you have. This article is busting a few myths here.

Limos are not meant for extensive usage

This is the farthest away from the truth! Whereas there are limousine variants which are huge fuel guzzlers and meant only for prestigious occasions, they outnumber the more utilitarian ones. There are the more popular variants which score on aesthetic appeal and are hugely spacious offering excellent facilities and world class fuel efficiency. They are ideal vehicles for transporting passengers into a world of luxury, complete with facilities, amenities and service quality that is nothing short of excellent.

Limos are always black

Just because you might have seen your favorite Hollywood actors alight from jet black limos at movie premiers does not mean they do not come in any other color! The truth remains that limos can actually come in any color. In fact, you can even choose your preferred one for complementing your wedding theme. Ask you limousine rental service for the range of colors he has on offer and then choose the one that suits the mood and the occasion. In fact, some of the offbeat colors you come across might actually surprise you.

A large group can be squeezed into a stretch limo

Although a limo looks huge from the outside, what you should know is that most of the space is utilized the fully fitted bar, the music system that is elaborate and decorated with psychedelic lights and a washroom. This means that there is only limited space available for passenger seating. Mostly, a limo accommodates a fixed number of passengers for enjoying the facilities without feeling cramped up. So, make sure you enquire about the seating capacity before choosing your limo for rent. Minibus charters are more suited for larger groups.

Most limo chauffeurs are untrained

On the contrary, the chauffeurs operating limousines are completely trained since they are expected to a lot more than merely drive the vehicle. They greet you in style and often assist you with anything you might need on board. Besides, these trained professionals also need to have special license that allows them to legally operate a limo. So, they are in no means untrained or unprofessional. In fact, they need to be respected for who they are and their role needs to be appreciated.

Limousines are not for kids

Although some states may require a minimum age of 18 years for an unescorted ride, kids can always enjoy the comfort and luxury of a limo. They can ride in style, enjoy onboard hospitality and even watch a favorite show. Kids will really feel special.

Once the misconceptions are done away with, choosing a limo for rental becomes easier. Go ahead and enjoy your ride.