Following etiquette and sticking to orderly behavior should be a way of life, wherever you go. But when it comes to something as unique as riding a limo, it becomes all the more important to conduct yourself in the desired fashion. If you have planned a limousine rental for your special event, here are some manners to follow.

Treat your chauffeur with respect

Remember, your driver is essentially an integral part of your limo experience. He is responsible for taking you from one point to another. And he is an employee of your limo company. In case there are some accidental hitches in your plan, don’t blame the driver for it! He might be equally distressed by the change of events. Losing your head over him will not serve the purpose in any way. It will only go on to prove how ill-mannered you are!

Be careful of the upholstery

Provided you have chosen a good limousine rental service for your ride, vintage vehicles will be provided in the best condition. This means that these vehicles will be sporting luxury upholstery made from the finest wood grain or leather for lending a sense of optimal class and elegance. It is extremely important to return the limo with no damages, scuffs or nicks on the seat covers and curtains. This would mean not putting shoes on the surfaces or getting too rowdy or unruly when you are on board. It is also important to remember to leave the vehicle in impeccable condition, just as you had received it, for avoiding extra charges. You also need to maintain good relations with your company.

Know the art of entry and exit

Whether you believe it or not, there is a correct way of entering and exiting your limo. Sticking your butt out as you step into a stretch limo attempting to plant yourself on your seat, is certainly not the most civilized way to board a limo. Firstly, you need to wait for the chauffeur or the attendant to open the door for you. The best way to enter is to slide in smoothly, swing your legs into the vehicle and slip to the closest seat to the door and then slide to your designated position.

Control your wild urges when inside the vehicle

Whether you opt for a minibus charter or a limo ride, it is important to remain civilized and tame during the ride. For instance, refrain from loud music, vulgar actions, doing drugs or anything unlawful or non-permissible onboard. Alcohol should also be avoided unless it is part of the standard on board offerings. Show your class and also that you deserve the luxury ride that you have paid for.

Tip the chauffer

As has been mentioned earlier, your chauffeur is an important part of your plan. Tipping him is part of standard protocol. As a norm, your tip should be about 20% of the amount you have paid for your limo ride.

Being well behaved costs nothing. It just reflects on the kind of person you are. So make sure you take effort in positioning yourself as a responsible passenger and citizen.