The transport sector in Singapore consists of personal vehicles, public transport and rental cars or buses and other motors. They all help in the drive to build a better economy for Singapore. The rental options are valued for many reasons. Here are some ways rental vehicles are a crucial part of the Singapore transport sector:

In 2016, Singapore attracted more than 16 million tourists, three times the population of the country itself. Minibus chartering provide convenient means of travel for these tourists who tour the country annually. With the availability of tour buses complete with a tour guide for rent, tourists will never lack any means of getting to their desired destinations and someone to direct them.

Provides welfare for your workers
While Singapore is small, there are still certain areas that are inaccessible, especially factories, warehouses and some office buildings that are located off the main road. This can be an inconvenience for employees when they travel to and fro from work. Bus charter services allow you to provide transport for your employees, either from their door step or from certain specific locations like the nearest MRT stations. This creates a better working environment for employees and builds up their loyalty.

Offer convenience
In a situation whereby you need to get to a place where public vehicles normally do not due to their strict routes, a bus/car rental company would be more than willing to help. For example, if you need to go for a photoshoot somewhere with all your bulky equipment and props, a minibus charter will offer you both convenience and space in getting to your destination.

Time efficient
Compared to the public transportation, the rental buses and cars are faster, this is because they do not have to make stops along the way or wait for more people. They operate under the terms of your rental contract which means they go where you need them to go. In the case where what you are doing is time sensitive, you will require the services of a rental because you are able to make better time planning with this service.

Picture yourself in a public bus, if you miss your stop, you cannot make the driver go back and drop you. The inconvenience would be on you. Rental options provide customized service to you in that wherever you want to go within your contracts geographical limit, you can go without any problems. If you miss a stop, you can always go back.

Revenue generation
Each rental company pays a certain amount of road tax per vehicle. This helps the Singapore economy greatly as it increases their annual revenue. Due to the increased number of rental vehicle service providers, the industry has largely contributed to the growth of the country.

The importance that rental buses and cars have in Singapore goes on and on. They are a key part of their economy and are widely celebrated by the Singaporeans.