As a business, you will certainly organise numerous conventions, corporate events, conferences, and meetings every year. Even though corporate events are a great time to capitalise on your guest list, there is little room for error. If you want to seal that deal with a partner that you’ve been eyeing for long, you will have to keep them impressed. Based on your hosting skills, they will gauge the credibility of your business and your professionalism as a prospective partner. If you’re having guests over for a corporate event, read how you can make them feel like VIPs.

Know everything about your guests

Making anyone feel important is easier said than done. You need to know things beyond the financial standing of a guest. You can start off by researching about their life a little. Details would be easily available on social media or in your own database. You would need topics around which they would be interested in having a conversation. Find professional information on platforms like LinkedIn. Ask them about the projects they’re currently working on, congratulate them on anything on the personal front, and it will flatter them no end.

Behave as you would with royalty

Your guest list is nothing short of royalty. Right from the minute your guests check in at the venue of the event, they should feel that your attention is being focused on them. You can do this by reiterating the importance of their presence in your event. Creating special ribbons, badges or other markers of dignity is also recommended. Regarding personally greeting your VIPs, you can ask your staff to inform you the moment they enter.

Have limousine service to ferry them

Don’t let that special guest come unaccompanied to your corporate event. This could make them feel neglected for once. Contact a good bus limousine service company for your special guests to move around while they are in the city for the event. What hiring a limousine does is that it convinces your guests that you are treating them specially. Secondly, it gives off an impression of your professionalism, since VIPs are used to travelling first-class. If you have a large contingent to host, get bus charter services.

Carefully choose where to invite them

VIPs can’t be attending every function of yours, even if you two are on great terms. So do not send them invitations for every event. You will have to be tactful enough to know what events to invite them to. The reason this is so important is that it is this way they will know that any invitations you do send would be worth their time. It helps to have crucial information about your guests, to know which events they will be interested in attending. Use email tracking to analyse responses to your invitations.

Communicate to them personally

Bulk emails are for the regular list of guests, but for VIPs, personal communication works best. The process of treating VIPs especially begins well before an event. If you send bulk invites to the special list, they may get the idea that this was just a formality on your part. Instead, personalise your emails by doing your homework.