Your honeymoon trip is, undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated and magical events, after your wedding. It is a trip to celebrate new beginnings and discover exotic destinations with your beloved partner. Contacting bus charter services and discovering a new city, enjoying candlelight dinners by the seaside, trekking and exploring nature – there is so much you must have planned!

Everyone wants to feel confident and comfortable on their honeymoon, but most importantly, they want to look absolutely stunning. These feelings can make you so anxious that you would want to cram your entire wardrobe and makeup supplies into your suitcase.

However, following these simple tips will help you relax and cut back on unwanted items so that you are conveniently carrying only what you need for your much-awaited getaway.

Be Prepared in Advance

To start off, create a list of all the things that you think you may need when you are off on your honeymoon. Either write it down or type away on your smartphone. After having listed the items, revise the list thoroughly and cut back on what you feel is not that necessary. Or, add something that you have forgotten. Having gone through this exercise for a few times, you’ll eventually end up having a list of only the essentials for your trip. In addition to that, packing in advance helps; have your bags ready to go before your wedding, so that there is no panic or stress at the last moment.

You Don’t Need ALL Your Makeup

Obviously, looking beautiful every day for yourself is a must, but that does not mean you need to pack every single item from your makeup drawer! Be sure to pack the essentials only – sunscreen, moisturizer, mascara, lip balm, and a few other basic items. Just a few neutral lipsticks and an eye-shadow kit for the road, and you are good to go.

Be Practical When Deciding on Clothes

This is where most of the confusion and chaos occurs. Let’s face it; packing your complete wardrobe, into a travel case, is sadly out of the question. Instead, only select attires that are suitable for the weather and culture of the honeymoon location. Pack a few standout outfits for special occasions or any outdoor events, and some standard outfits that you can flaunt indoors or generally during your stay. Remember, pack what is comfortable and what you KNOW you will love to wear, otherwise, it will just sit in your suitcase and take up extra space.

Pack a Few Wardrobe Staples as Well

Another tip when it comes to packing clothes – pack a few neutral items. Jeans and a few tops don’t take up much space and work great when you’re simply chilling.  A few lacy, stringy clothes and some mid-length dresses are also perfect when you’re relaxing with your partner.

Step Away from the Footwear!       

Yes, it’s your honeymoon and you want to look perfect, but packing twenty pairs of shoes won’t help. Choose no more than three pairs that you feel are best suited to your honeymoon destination. For instance, if it’s a tricky terrain and you want to hike instead of contacting bus charter services, you may want to skip the heels and pack flats and sneakers. In general, a pair of comfortable wedges for casual use, fancy sandals for special occasions, and runners for those adventurous outdoor activities should be perfect.

Pack Smartly

Cleaned and pressed clothes feel good and fresh while you are wearing them and they also take up less space. Instead of cramming and shoving, be organized – stack your lingerie neatly on to one another, fold your clothes and staples, roll up your undergarments, stuff one sock into the other, etc. This will help you find your things easily once you unpack, and will also create room for anything you want to add at the last minute.

Find the Right Suitcase

Get a suitcase that is lightweight and provides ample depth for packing your things without it bulging and looking stuffed. A suitcase with lots of pockets on the inside is great for packing those small but useful items, such as toiletries, belts, flip-flops, hair accessories etc.

Keep these simple tips in mind when you pack for your honeymoon and be sure to enjoy a pleasant and romantic holiday with your partner.