Discourteous behaviour is never acceptable, and one is expected to behave well everywhere. However, it is more important to behave well while riding a limo. Limousine service companies usually try to provide the best service to their customers, and they train their drivers to match the highest standards of hospitality. For passengers, reciprocating and good behaviour while in a limousine is not a choice, but a duty. Do not hold the vehicle’s poor performance against the driver, for they are only driving the vehicle issued. For safety measures, never smoke inside the limo and always clean up after yourself. If you want to know the basics of how to behave while travelling in a limo, read on.

Wait at the right place and at the right time

Even though the limousine service company isn’t going to lose if there is a problem regarding pick-up; the bill drawn has to be paid by the passenger. Hence, it is necessary to wait for your limo to arrive at the stipulated place. Waiting at the wrong place will also lead to time waste, which will be thoroughly unprofessional if you have a team of delegates waiting for you, or an event that requires your presence.

Do not attempt to open the doors

Unlike when your drive in your own vehicle, you should not open the door. It could be that you are travelling with your significant other and are trying to be chivalrous, but the rules strictly require the driver to open the doors of the limousine. It’s their job. Let them do that.

Do not increase the number of passengers

Your limousine service company will ask you in advance about the number of guests. This is done so that a vehicle of the right size can be sent. If you abruptly increase the number of guests, the driver will have to call for a different limo, since it’s his responsibility to see that all passengers are comfortably seated. This will result in wastage of time, so better size up the number in advance. If the number is expected to increase, contact a bus charter service well in advance.

Enjoy within the limits

Always avoid creating a ruckus with your friends in the limousine. Even though the comfortable ride has the best features fully equipped with entertainment system and a huge seating space will encourage you to go on and drink a bit, it is not advisable. While under intoxication, passengers could behave irresponsibly and even create a mess, for which they can well be fined.

Stay courteous and don’t make unreasonable demands

You are expected to behave nicely with your limo driver. He is a professional and he knows his job. Do not shout at or ask him to drive beyond the speed limit, and if you feel there is a mistake in the route he has taken, politely ask him whether this is indeed the right choice. If there are additional stops to be made, inform the driver in advance. Tipping your driver at the end of the journey is desirable; it conveys the message that you appreciate his hard work.