In the Singapore economy, tourism is a major industry which attracts approximately 16 million tourists annually. This is almost thrice the total population of Singapore.

Reasons to visit Singapore
Singapore as a country has a lot to offer, ranging from a wide variety of wildlife to the sophisticated culture of the native citizens. Here are some interesting reasons as to why Singapore should be your next travel destination.

The local food
To experience the best of Singapore’s local meals, you have to go to a local area and join a queue at a local hawker centre that has a variety of tenderizing foods for you to try. This tradition has been going on for ages in Singapore and it has become part of the local’s daily routine. You can try getting the same from a restaurant but there is no guarantee that you will get the same taste, feel and flavour.

Land of culture
Singapore plays host to a variety of people from different races and religion. Here, you get to experience all kinds of traditional culture. For example, you can join in the festive mood with the Chinese in their Chinese New Year celebrations. The city will be decorated in red and Chinese New Year songs will be playing all around. In June, the Muslims will celebrate Haris Raya Puasa, a feast day that comes after a whole month of fasting. They have amazing dishes that are delicious and it is something you should definitely not miss this.

Singapore is also known as a shopping paradise, which is perfect for all the shopaholics out there. Experience the rush of shopping for both exclusive designs and branded goods along the streets of Orchard. There are also plenty of shopping malls located all around Singapore in the heartland areas that provide a great shopping experience as well.

Over the years, Singapore has placed increasing emphasis on the promotion of art and culture in the country. Take a trip to the Singapore International Festival of Arts that consists of street performances and film screenings or watch the streets come alive at the Singapore Night Festival. There is also the Ultra music festival and the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, all of which offer quality artistic experience.

Charming neighborhoods
Singapore has a gorgeous city line along the central district area. However, let’s not forget about the areas where the locals hang out the most. Step out of the busy city life and the crazy traffic and visit the unique homes to the various cultures this nation has to offer. Engage a minibus charter to navigate you around these areas outside of the heart of Singapore to discover for yourself what the locals do daily. Try places like Tiong Bahru, Chinatown and Dempsey Hill. Be on the lookout for traditional architecture and heritage shop houses that carry a long history behind them.

While in Singapore, ensure that you make time to join a tour around Singapore’s museums. They hold a collection of some of the greatest and famous artworks of all times, one of the most popular exhibitions recently being the ‘YAYOI KUSAMA: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow’ Exhibition at the National Gallery Singapore. For the kids(or adults as well), there is even a museum of toys – Mint Museum of Toys, that brings you back to the olden days.

These and many more reasons should give you an appetite for adventure. So get that plane ticket and get ready to have a time of your life here in Singapore!