People in Singapore weren’t entirely convinced when Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew announced 1.9% decline in fare by the end of 2015. This announcement may have been the result of dissatisfaction among people due to January’s fare hike by 2.8%. And then, it’s still 3 months to December, do you have other options to save money? These methods will help both local citizens and international visitors to Singapore save some amount during travelling.

Fare Friday

This offer is specifically for POSB cardholders who can get 100% cashback rebates every Friday, on public transport fares. The offer continues until the end of December this year. However, the offer is limited for first 100,000 cardholders only.

So, if you spend $4 in total from home to workplace, you can save $16 each month with this deal. Then, you can add those trips to market, relatives and friends you’ll be making on Fridays. A rough estimate is, you’ll end up saving more than $120 by the end of this promotion.

Travel Smart Rewards

It’s to encourage MRT commuters. While you get smart points against each train trip, if you travel during decongesting hours (6:15 am, 7:15 am, 8:45 am or 9:45 am) you’ll be able to get 6 times more points.

Points will be deposited to your account or will be updated to EZ-Link card.

Off-peak Pass

You can get Off-Peak Pass for $80 and enjoy unlimited rides for the entire month. If you’re visiting Singapore, you will prefer off-peak rides to enjoy your trips. These are the off-peak timings

  • Before 6:30 am
  • Between 9 am to 5 pm
  • After 7:30 pm on weekdays

While there are many benefits in bus rental service – one of them is saving you problems from taking the public transportation during peak hours, you might want to contact bus charter Singapore for special trips, enjoy your trips within the city with Off-peak pass.

Cheap Airport Transfers

In order to avoid hassle at the airport, waiting for the shuttle bus to come pick all passengers and drop them outside, you can get limousine cabs for safe and quick transfers. There are some good limousine services available at highly competitive prices, saving your time of loading at the airport, waiting for all passengers to get inside, waiting for clearance and then unloading later. Different kinds of vehicles are available within the range of $65 and $120.

Furthermore, if you’re travelling in a group of 4 to 10, renting a transport service is vital. You are going to need a larger vehicle. Prior booking of minibus rental Singapore can save your time and money. You can get a maxi cab for as low as $80; a 13-seater Hiace for $70 and a deluxe minibus for $90.

So, if you’re coming to Singapore for the first time, better search the internet and find handsome transport deals and charter services for special trips. Don’t forget about EZ-Link card which you can get at the airport, or to buy an Off-peak pass for all adults. For quick and affordable airport transfers, get the best car or bus rental to and from the hotel you stay.