It can be a hectic process when it comes to choosing the right charter service no matter if you are engaging a minibus charter in Singapore or for an overseas day trip. This article will highlight the 4 tips that you can use to relieve the stress on yourself and those who are planning to go on a trip with you. Below are some of the questions that you can ask your bus provider at any time. If they are reputable companies that can provide the best service for their customers, they will be more than happy to answer questions you may have. If fact they will be thrilled to have you ask them some of the questions below before your journey begins.

  • Always make sure that the bus provider has insurance certificates and ask to see them. Insurance is very important for you and your group because it keeps everyone covered if the case of any property lost or a bus breakdown on route to your destination. Knowing that the bus provider is properly insured gives you and your colleagues’ peace of mind on a wonderful day out.
  • Always do your research and find out if the buses you will be getting on have passed any mechanical inspection ideally in the last 6 – 12 months. A bus that has a high possibility of breaking down en route to its destination can ruin a well-planned trip for everyone and this is why many states in a country like USA issues what is known as decals and the purpose of this is to certify passage.
  • Always make sure that your driver has a full driver’s license. Ask the provider to supply evidence which shows all their drivers are well qualified and have the experience to drive a charter bus because your lives are in their hands. Having a driver who is not properly trained or does not have the proper license behind the wheel of a charter bus can put you and your colleagues at risk.
  • For trips overseas, journeys can take hours and it is important to ask the provider about driver switches and if they have additional drivers. It is against the law in many countries for a driver to drive a charter bus for more that 8-10 hours for health and safety reasons. If you and your group are going on a trip that takes long hours, work hand in hand with the bus provider and plan the trip properly so that everyone is satisfied with the outcome. Know exactly how long the overall journey will take, how many times the driver will stop for a break or allow passengers to grab some food along the way and most importantly how many times the bus will stop at a bus depot to change drivers.

By putting in some effort for the pre-trip planning, you will be able to save yourself from a lot of stress and problems. Do yourself this favour and enjoy the rest of your trip!