The transport sector in Singapore has grown immensely to accommodate the increase in population over the years. Private hire services like Uber and Grab have hit the markets and the public transport sector has been undergoing upgrades to provide better services for commuters. The private rental sector has also stepped up its game, offering minibus chartering, car rentals and drivers to go along with them.  Here are some transportation means most commonly used in Singapore:

One of the most popular modes of transport is the public bus. With interchanges located around the island and heartland areas, Singapore’s public bus transportation has helped commuters get around Singapore. The public bus services are provided by four main service providers: Go-Ahead Singapore, SBS Transit Ltd, SMRT Ltd and Tower Transit Singapore. The buses have a high capacity to carry many people at once and the bus fares are frequently regulated as well.

Like any other country, Singapore has taxis that offer personal transportation to locations where public transports would not go to due to their standard route protocol. The taxis come at an extra cost but many residents do not mind the extra cost for more convenience. Of recent times, the taxi industry has been taken over by private hire companies like Uber. The local taxi drivers have aired their complaints to the authority since their business has been badly disrupted by the entrance of these companies. However, these apps have started introducing platforms for taxi drivers to accept bookings through them as well.

Singapore is one of the nations that have embraced cycling as a means of transportation. Side roads are being constructed to accommodate cyclists and the country has a future plan to make it a full means of transportation by 2030. Currently, there are many areas that are well capable of hosting cyclists without any problem.

The Singapore government has put up measures to ensure that trains are a reliable transportation means by increasing the number of railway tracks and the number of passenger trains. New developments are undergoing to extend the reach of the MRT lines to most parts of Singapore.

Bus Charter
With a massive amount of tourists visiting this country every year, there are plenty of private buses on the road as well. Many tourists seek this option to get them to and fro the airport to avoid squeezing with the crowd on public transport with their luggage. Bus charter services are also engaged for private or business events as well as for exploring the country.

This is, of course, the most basic means of getting anywhere. Singapore has very organised roads where there are many traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, overhead bridges and pedestrian paths that are well maintained. Just a fun fact, Singaporeans are said to have the fastest walking speed in the world!

For those who are lucky enough to have successfully bid for the Certificate of Entitlement(COE), buying a car is definitely the ideal option for them. The number of personal vehicles in Singapore has increased rapidly over the years.

Most parts of Singapore is accessible by land. However, for special cases like the connection to the outer islands of Singapore like Pulau Ubin, the services of ferry boats have been employed. This ensures that those who travel to and fro the islands are able to carry out their duties with ease.

Cable cars
Singapore is one of the most developed nations. They have cable cars that operate from Mount Faber on the main island of Singapore which links up to the resort island of Sentosa.

Singapore’s growing economy is heavily driven by its transport system which is well integrated so as to accommodate people from all walks of life. Their vision of 2030 will ensure maximum effectiveness in transportation across its nation and islands.