Travelling by public transport can be a problem at times. It’s mainly because of limited space and if you’re carrying extra luggage, there are a few chances of loss as well. However, if you can have your own bus, there won’t be any such problem.

Next time when you travel with your friends and family to a picnic or a party, hire a good bus charter service. If it’s just a couple of people you are travelling with, you can even go for a limousine service. We will focus on bus rental services in this article.

Here, is all you should know before hiring a bus service. Taking care of these variables will make sure that you don’t face any problems during your trip.

Why Bus?

You might be wondering there are other modes of travelling like aeroplanes; trains and cars then why to opt for bus only. Well, here are some reasons why the bus is a good choice for travelling.

According to some stats, buses have the lowest mortality ratio after trains. They are more than twice safer than airlines and as much as 45 times safer than automobiles. Also, buses are cheaper when it comes to travelling cost. You accommodate more people so the travelling cost is reduced quite a bit.

Unlike cars, buses are more economical over longer distances. As compared to airlines, you can travel at half the cost.

Some questions to ask from your bus charter company

What is the allowed local miles limit per day?

When your trip plan has several stops and stays, it becomes really important to know about local miles limit. Ask your service provider about the limit and the consequences of exceeding them. This will help you strategize your trip with better cost-effectiveness and also among the safety measures.

that you should note.

Ask for proof of insurance policy?

Most of the companies will have the insurance done. However, you can still ask for a proof for your own satisfaction. Normally, $5 million policy is considered to be sufficient to cater to all emergency needs.

Do you own buses?

There are several companies in Singapore that act as brokers. They do not have their own buses. However, other services like United Limousines own buses and limousines. It is better to take services from the latter ones because in case something goes wrong, you know where to go.

Is it possible for inspection?

A reliable bus charter service will give you a chance to inspect the bus. It is a good idea because you can check each and everything before hand. It comes in handy because then your service provider cannot hold you accountable in case of any already existing damage.

Ask about parking tolls

When you travel outside the city and to various locations, parking tolls and taxes are a common travelling expense. Most companies provide clarify whether parking tolls are included in the quote or you have to pay them by yourself. This one is important to be clarified because, at the end of your trip, the parking charges can be considerably high.