We all have to take a bus ride at some point in life. Without a doubt, there are many benefits in a bus rental service. However, bus rides can be very long but they do not have to be boring. Rental companies that provide bus charter and limousine rental can only provide you with a means of transport. Keeping yourself entertained is your own job.

Here are some ways you can kill time and enjoy at the same time in a long bus ride:

Listen to music

This is probably the first thing that pops in mind when you think about spending time. You can listen to music on your phone or music player or even play songs for the entire bus, provided your fellows share the same taste of music as you do.

Read a book

Reading perhaps is the best way to spend hours sitting. People who love reading will not even know that they have been sitting for hours. Of course, it depends on the book you read. Paulo Coelho, Jon Grisham and Kyotaro Nishimura are some authors we suggest for reading on your next bus ride.


Karaoke can make anything and anyone fun. Many buses have karaoke entertainment installed. You can grab the mic and sing a song or two with your friends or family members.

Stream shows

If your bus has wifi then perhaps there is no way you can get bored. If you have your laptop, tablet or even your smart phone just connect it to the internet and stream a show or movie and watch it during your bus journey. If your bus ride is particularly long, you can even watch an entire season.

Play games

This is another fun activity that has no age limit. Take out your phone and cross that difficult level of Candy Crush you have been stuck on for weeks. Or increase your knowledge in a fun way playing QuizUp with a random stranger online. The world is your oyster!

Tell stories

Telling stories is not just something you do at camps. Hearing stories is always fun. You will not even know where the time went when you start hearing an adventurous story.

Non-digital games

You have board games and many other types of games that you can play with other people like charades or Chinese whisper. This is especially recommended if you are traveling with children. It is a good way to keep them busy and in their seats.

Take pictures

If you are going through a beautiful route which picturesque scenes then taking pictures can be a way to kill time and save the moment with you forever. If you happen to be a photographer, make the bus ride a challenge for yourself. Do not rest until you have taken perfectly angled pictures from a fast moving vehicle.

Eat snacks

It is ok if you are a person who enjoys eating. There are many of us whose prime entertainment is food. And if you are such person, embrace it, open the pack of nachos and enjoy your bus ride.