Are you planning for a trip outside the city? Have you finalized your plans to hire a bus charter service in Singapore for the picnic trip outside the city? If you answered, “Yes!” then you must be aware of all the rules and regulations a bus rental company needs to comply with, in order to ensure safety of passengers.

There are many benefits of renting a bus service. But however, ensuring passenger safety and security is as important as choosing the picnic spot or refreshment items you take along. In general, people consider following things before they rent a bus:

  • Driving experience and driver’s license
  • Information about routes to access the picnic location
  • Transportation cost
  • Relaxation in time

But, there are more things to it. This article covers everything you need to know before renting a picnic bus.

Basic Requirement

Before you move on to the real part, make sure that the bus operator must be professional, reliable, provides outstanding service, affordable and meets all your needs during travelling.

Operating Authority

Your minibus operator must have the NOC/operating authority to access other city. You need to verify the proof of authority before closing the deal.


Before you hire a bus operator, make sure whether it possesses valid insurance certificate. A valid insurance certificate implies that the bus has been well-maintained in terms of public safety and security.

DOT Number

Every operator has a unique number which corresponds to carrier’s safety information. This number helps you view safety information pertaining with the bus service.

Annual Inspection

Make sure that the bus you’re renting has gone through annual inspection, repair and maintenance. Annual inspection also takes into consideration environment safety aspects as well.

Important Maintenance Tools

Check whether the bus rental is equipped with all tools and gadgets necessary for repair and maintenance. Ask the operator about tool kit, step wheel and other important tools. In addition to this, ask about service stations available down the route.

Commercial Driver’s License

Commercial license is different from ordinary license as it has passenger endorsement. Bus driver must have commercial license with endorsement printed on it. This license is essential for all commercial drivers and it is issued after monitoring their driving skills and on-the-road knowledge.

Extra Driver

What if, the driver got sick or injured? There must be a backup. If the trip is long, the company must provide an extra driver to ensure safety and security of all the passengers.

Pre-trip Message

Last minute safety messages have been standardized in all countries. The company must comply with the requirement of pre-trip safety message. It may be delivered in the form of video, audio, message cards inside seatback pockets, or by the driver himself.

Value Addition

All transportation services, including bus or limousine service also deal with restaurants, lodging and places for tourist attraction. They are likely to provide information on lodging, destinations and restaurants on the way. They can negotiate group rates and offer enticing packages to the passengers.

Perhaps you didn’t know some of the points before. Now, you can maximize the safety and security of all family members by validating a company on these grounds.