When you hear someone mention a bus, the first thing that may automatically come to your mind is spending long hours cramped up in an uncomfortable vehicle, one of the biggest misconceptions. On the contrary, modern day buses have luxurious amenities like WIFI, power plug-ins, ample leg room and even reclining chairs for maximum comfort – nothing ruins a trip than a stiff neck and sore leg.

A significant advantage is most companies allow food and drink aboard so you can pack as many snacks as possible. Charter bus operators offer a customised range of budget friendly travelling services.

Whether it is a school trip, a church retreat or a simple family getaway, there are varied bus sizes for you. Hire the one that suits your preferences.  If the only idea that comes to mind is an unpleasant experience while travelling by bus, here are amazing and effective ideas that you can implement with a charter bus;

Sightseeing trips

When was the last time you went on a trip that did not involve stopping countless times to ask for directions or regularly checking to make sure you have not taken the wrong turn? Indulge in bus charter services and enjoy your trip hassle free. Snap those selfies!

Business trips and team building

Bus charter is the ideal transport solution for corporate events like conventions, team building, company picnics and other special activities.

Event organization

Event organisers looking to transport people to and from concerts, trade shows and sporting events will find bus services quite helpful. An advantage of these buses is they can carry a lot of people to and fro the event and back to their hotels.

School Excursions

Take your students for a fun day of learning at the local art museum or pay a visit to animals at the zoo. Most bus companies have buses to meet the needs of travelling groups of students.

Church functions

You can arrive at church retreats, fundraisers, baptism, confirmation parties and other religious celebrations in style at a low cost. Luxury buses provide a conducive environment for church members to conduct Bible studies and worship sessions during the trip, at their own free will.

Family reunions

Holidays are a great time to catch up with long lost relatives. If your family members live close to each other, you can charter a bus for that long overdue local sightseeing escapade that will double up as a reunion. When all travel together, you will not have to worry about anyone getting lost. Travel down memory lane, as you reminisce with your loved ones.

Trips no longer have to be uncomfortable and exhausting. Driving long distances can get your stress levels up, especially when visiting new places. Bus charter services let you have fun on the way, instead of being worried about where to find the next petrol station while navigating through traffic, roads and exits. You will be being driven around by a professional driver who knows all the shortest routes to your destination.