When you are on your way to pick up the minibus you have rented, it is vital to make sure that everything is in order. Minibus rental providers do not all have the same terms and conditions making it important for one to be fully aware of everything to the last detail before they book it for themselves and their family. Here are some advice and tips for you!

Make a proper plan

Before you even think about the price of renting the minibus, you and your family need to figure out how much everyone will need to move to determine the right size of minibus for you. This needs to be right because you and your family do not want to be in a situation where the minibus hired is too small for everything you need to fit or is too big and you are paying the extra cost for nothing.

Compare the fleet minibuses

Know what is excluded and included in the minibus when comparing what a service provider has. Insurance is very important and it can vary depending on the size of the van. Make sure that you and your family check with the service provider before hiring because a cheap quote does not mean you will get everything you need. Compare minibuses that are similar to each other and always choose unlimited mileage if possible. Finally, read the terms and conditions, understand them and pay via credit card so that if anything goes wrong the payment can easily be tracked and refunded.

Thoroughly check all the documents

Before driving away with the rented minibus, always make sure that you check the paperwork and beware of any extra charges. You should only agree to extra charges if you need them.

Carry the essentials with you

Always make sure that you carry your full driving licence with you on your way to picking up the minibus as well as a proof of your address and credit cards to make a deposit.

Inspect the minibus

Ask a mechanic to tag along with you if you are not sure on what to look for before driving away with a rented minibus. However, the most important thing is to make sure that there are no existing damages both inside and outside as you might end up paying for damage caused by someone else. The fuel level and mileage will also need to be checked and recorded if possible. Lastly always make sure you are fully aware of what to do in case the minibus break down on the way to your destination or when you are involved in an accident.

Driving a minibus is different from driving a car

You have to know that this is a different set of wheels when compared to a car because the dimensions are not similar and driving it requires extra care to ensure you and your family members are safe on the trip. Speeding or approaching sharp turns very fast can put you and your family at risk. Always drive with caution and at a reasonable speed.