While travelling in a bus on the longer routes, it is important that the passengers take safety measures. Although bus rides are the second safest travelling option, it is still necessary to be prepared for any emergency situation and try to best avoid them.

While most bus charter services offer maximum safety and security for the travellers, one should always try and take care on their own for instance, like buying insurance. Especially when you are travelling. Like how we have shared on the etiquettes to behave while riding a limousine, here, we bring to you some general precautionary tips while travelling in a bus. If you are about to ride with your family for a picnic or if you are travelling to a different city, we suggest you continue reading to ensure maximum safety while travelling.

Route Safety

Highways are normally deserted regions since there are no residential areas nearby. This is why there is always a risk of one encountering natural or human- initiated accidents. Although the highways are pretty safe here in Singapore but no one knows what comes next. This is why, it’s crucial that you choose the safest and, if possible, free from heavy traffic routes to your destination.

Efficient limousine services and bus charter services will always discuss the route with the clients so you must talk to the chauffeur about your route preference, making this one of the many benefits of renting a bus service. As a suggestion, try and select a busy road because there are lesser chances of any uncalled for accidents.

Hide your money and valuables

Although you must be travelling safe but there’s no point giving anyone a hint of what you might be carrying. Therefore, you should always hide your valuables and money in a secure place. It’s a good idea to split your belongings. Do not store all your credit cards and money together because in a case of a robbery, you might lose it all at once.

You can use a waist pack to hide some of your valuables. Hiding money under the shoes is also an old trick.

Keep important things near you

In a case of an emergency such as accidents or travel sickness, you must have the medicines and the first aid prepared. When you pack for travelling, make sure that you carry a small backpack that has all the emergency stuff with you. The bigger bags may not be with you all the time so it’s important that you have the needed items with you all the time.

Noise cancellers

If you are unfortunate enough to be sitting beside an annoying person or if it’s just that you want to enjoy better music, it’s better to use noise cancelling earphones. Enjoy your favourite tracks during the ride. It also helps cut down traffic noise so that you enjoy the scene quietly.

Prepare for sleep

Sleeping during travelling can be a bit of a hassle and an uncomfortable experience. Keep ear plugs and eye mask with you so that there is no external disturbance during the sleep. An eye mask is especially more important when you sit in the window seat.  You may even take along a neck pillow if you like.

Once you have taken care of the basics of bus travelling, your experiences can be enjoyable. Happy travelling!