Busy preparing for the big day? A list of finding the perfect dress, arrangements at the wedding site, entertainments, yummy food and many more. But have you ever considered a limousine service for your wedding?

Here’s 5 reasons why you deserve a luxurious limousine service for your big day!

You deserve it

First and foremost, it’s your day and you deserve to be treated like a VIP. It probably has to be a once in a lifetime experience so why not make the moment worthwhile. Your friends and family members may have decent cars and transport facilities but nothing matches the style and luxurious feel of a limousine. Where you spend a lot of money on other arrangements, it won’t cost you much to spend a few more on limousine rental service. After all, you deserve it!

It’s stylish

There can be no better style statement than a limousine when it comes to vehicles. On your big day, it’s okay to flaunt your style and luxury. You ride in style to the wedding place and back from there with your partner. It’s all too attractive and probably, it will also please your partner greatly. Oh, and have we mentioned that our luxurious limousines are packed with entertainment and high tech features that you and your partner will enjoy?


We understand you need private time with your partner. With a limousine service, your privacy is ensured and tainted glass windows cut down the visibility inside the car. Hence, you can enjoy these precious moments together.

Private on-the-wheels party

Most of the limousine and bus rental services provide you with numerous facilities other than a comfortable ride. One of these facilities is a private party. You can play your favorite tracks, watch movies, and arrange edibles and other party stuff that you like. Your service provider will take care of all your needs without having you face any troubles. However, there are some important points that you will have to take note before hiring a limousine service – such the various types of services, snacks or drinks that are offered.

Sight-seeing on your big day

Who says you have to go straight to your home or the hotel after marriage. You can do something different by planning a complete city tour with your partner on the big day. You can consult your service provider to drive you across the city for sight seeing and you can enjoy some beautiful parts of Singapore without even stepping out of your car. Making this a perfect time for an outdoor photoshoot too!

We would suggest you plan the route with your chauffeur and take up lesser busy roads because we don’t want you get stuck in the traffic jams.


Now that you know what difference a limousine service can make to your wedding day, you might well be interested in getting one for yourself. Several limousine services such as United Limousines in Singapore are available that can guide you better with all your limousine service needs.