Out of all the issues leading to underperformance and low production, employee retention and high absences are the ones companies have been facing more often. As a regional business hub, Singapore needs strong and alert workforce to maintain its position, and these issues can simply replace it with a place that offers better mobility and transportation services. Some major advantages private transport companies can offer to businesses are mentioned below.

Office staff and factory workers

As a business owner or a factory manager, first thing you need from your employees is punctuality.  You wouldn’t comprise on punctuality if the job is time sensitive, such as manufacturing, packaging, front desk customer dealing, or 24/7 inbound calling. There are plenty of examples of job in which time is a factor. This is where you need a bus charter service Singapore and ensure 100% presence at the right time. Without a doubt, there are several benefits in renting a bus. You may need to prepare a pickup schedule though, which may include details like pickup time and location for pickup. In this way, a private transport company can resolve punctuality issue at your office.

Shuttle service

Shuttle service is for more than 10 people, normally a larger group going to one destination. It may cover a route in which most of your employees can be picked up and dropped. In general, shuttle service has a proper route and it may allow public access. But you can always restrict access by putting your company’s tag on the vehicle. While shuttle service for a single route may not help your cause, a service that can handle multiple routes with smaller vehicles can resolve your issue, especially when there are many problems with the public transport. In this situation, you can contact a minibus rental Singapore to cover all the routes, ensuring timely pickups from all over the city.

Airport transport

While you have your secretary to deal with flight reservations, tickets and other related things, have you thought of getting a transport service to take you to the airport with minimum hassle? You can get a limousine service Singapore to take care of airport transport anytime. Whether it’s you or your guest coming for an important meeting, a limousine rental service ensures time effectiveness, easy mobility and comfort all the way. Making it a vital reason for a transport service rental when it comes to business-related meetings or meetups.

Hotel transfer

Since your guests are arriving, there must be a place for them to stay. If you don’t have a private lodge or apartment for your guests, you would definitely go for a hotel room. To make sure your guests are safely escorted to the chosen hotel from the airport, you can trust a car rental service. Now, all you need to do is choose the best car available and provide necessary information, and leave the rest on the transport company. You can also impress your guests by offering them local transport service for city tours, shopping and entertainment.


Talking about city tours, you can make your client’s trip a lot more interesting by adding an excursion trip in his visit. If your time doesn’t allow you to accompany those executives, the least you could do is call a bus charter for picnic and sightseeing. As foreigners, they will need a local guide throughout the trip, a safe mode of transportation and security of their belongings. But it also ensure that businesses are aware of the list of things to note before renting a bus to avoid unnecessary events.