Wedding planning can be stressful business. There are budgets to be planned, venues to be finalized, guest lists prepared, costumes chosen, themes decided upon and loads and loads more! The result is extreme tiredness and exhaustion.

What better way to freshen up and uplift spirits than to organize a grand hen party for the bride! It is the perfect event to loosen up, bond with girl pals and get into the mood for the big day. There are host of ways to pack in the surprise element in the event and make it even more memorable. You could opt for limousine rentals, innovative themes and quirky dress-codes for adding that extra zing to the celebrations. Here are some great ideas to pick from.

Choose Fresh and New Activity Based Themes

A hen party is an event to foster bonding among adult women including the bride, her friends, and bridesmaids and so on. Research has proved that girls bond well over fresh experiences. Therefore, choosing a handful of interesting activities that can be practiced together would be ideal. It could be a cooking or a baking class, a flower decoration or a cocktail making session. What’s more! You can even plan a session where the girls prepare their own hen party menu and then enjoy savoring them.

Travel together on a Road Trip

Instead of planning the party at a pre-decided venue, simply organizing a road trip where the entire gang can travel together, would be a great idea. Limousine rentals are ideal. A gorgeous limo will be best for a trip of this nature. It can be suitably decorated for the occasion. Food and beverages can be served on board too. If the group is a big one, a minibus charter can also be considered.

Plan a Bar Hopping Party

If the bride and her group of friends relish their wines and champagnes, a bar hopping party is what is likely to excite them a lot. You can chalk out a list of bars to visit, depending upon their locations and the time available at hand. A private vehicle can also be booked for the purpose. The gang of girls can hit the streets in their wild attire and indulge to their hearts content, visiting their choicest water holes with great enthusiasm.

A Cozy Party in a Hotel Suite is also a Great Idea

What better way to unwind than engage in mindless gossip! Just book a comfortable suit in an upscale resort, arrange for comfortable seating, have a collection of popular films or sitcom DVDs, order a few board games and plan an elaborate menu including cocktails and snacks. The ladies are likely to have a whale of a time!

Set Sail on a Gorgeous Yacht

If you really have the budget for a grand hen party, consider arranging a yacht for the bride and her friends. They can set sail in the gorgeous blue waters, sport their sexiest bikinis, relish their favorite brews of champagnes and wines and have a rollicking feat.

You can even organize a desert crawl, Macaron crawl or even a cupcake crawl for the lady and her friends. Make sure you do something out of the box and keep the interests of the bride in perspective.