We all want our special occasion to be an unforgettable one. For that, we try and avail each and every luxury that we possibly can. So when we talk about a ride to the desired location, how can it just be a simple and fun free ride?

When we talk about a luxury ride, the first thing that comes to mind is a limousine. You don’t necessarily have to own one if you want such a ride. Limousine services in Singapore are easily available these days at an affordable transport cost.

There is so much you can do during your limousine ride. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the features you can avail, we bring to you some of the most entertaining and enjoyable features most limousine services offer these days. So the next time when you go for renting a limousine, you should get what you pay for.

Tinted Windows

It’s your limousine for the day and you should get your privacy. Before availing any further features, make sure that the moment stays between you and your special ones. Limousine service provide tinted glass windows so what happens inside remains inside. Your guests and privacy should always be respected.

Video Systems

Most limousines have TVs inside them. You can enjoy your favorite shows during the ride and if you are on a business trip, you can stay updated with the latest happenings in the stock market as well as the political conditions in your region. If the programs bore you down, you can play your favorite videos and movies if you like.


Since the whole point of availing a limousine service is comfort and enjoyment, you would never want to have unsettling seats. Nowadays, most of the limousines have plush and leather seating which are so comfortable that you may not want to step out of your car. When negotiating with your service provider, always ask for the seating as it is a vital component of any luxury car.

Stereo System

There is always an option of playing your favorite tracks during the ride. Listen to what you want to because it’s your car and it’s your day. Sound quality is one aspect you should focus on. Normally, limousines have good audio features installed in them.

Air Conditioning

Maintain the temperature as you like. It probably the most powerful feeling one can have when they have the access to air conditioning and temperature control. Don’t like it too cold? You can turn off the AC any time you want.

Additional Features

There are several more features that you can avail in your luxury limousine. You can have telephone services, sun roofs and even computers if you want. All of this is to make your limousine experience worthwhile and the one to remember.

Limousine service providers normally take care of all your needs they possibly can unless you have a large group of people accompanying you in the ride. For that you may have to go for a bus charter service, where there are also many benefits of hiring a bus charter.

Overall, no matter how luxurious a limousine service or a bus charter service is, take note of the safety measures required before you decide to hire one.