If you are planning a trip with a group of family or friends, getting a limousine service or bus charter service is a must. It is not fun travelling with a huge group in separate cars. However, before hiring for a transport service, besides knowing its benefits, and the list of things to look out for, there are a couple of factors you can keep in mind to help you save money you before you decide to hire one.

Big name, big money

Some limousine rental companies might have made their place in your heart by keeping their promises in the services they provide. But what you need to realize that like in every other customer-seller relation, big names charge more due to the best features available in their luxurious limousine. They not only charge you for the services they promise and for fulfilling their promises, they charge you for their brand image, as well. That is because they have a fixed market with people who are loyal to their company as a brand. Hence, their demand remains inelastic.

If it is simply a bus that matters to you, you can go with smaller companies than with ones who are a brand. This can, in most cases, save you as much as have the money you will spend if you rent a bus from a big company.

Avoid renting at the airport

Bus charter companies will always charge you way more if you rent them from the airport only. This is because they are giving you convenience. You do not have to walk or search for anything and the bus will pick you from the exit at the airport only. However, if you decide to walk a bit and rent a bus from a location other than the airport, you can save several dollars.

Book a smaller bus

People usually take buses that have more space and number of seats than they need. If this is what you are doing, you are paying for nothing. If you have a short travel, say, from airport to hotel, you can rent a small bus. In that case you might have to adjust and compromise for a little while but you can save money. For longer travels, like road trips, you should always go for buses that are exactly the size you need. Hiring bigger buses than you need is sheer blunder.

Advance booking

If you book a limousine a few days before the date you need it on, it is likely that you will get it in a lower rent than usual. That is because bus charter depends a lot on the availability of vehicles. It is probable that the company has numerous buses free 7 days before the day you need it than a couple of hours before. Hence, booking beforehand will cost you less, as well.