Bus rental industry in Singapore has been flourishing, thanks to some great beaches, resorts and hotels. High influx of visitors and tourists has made a positive impact on this industry, hence making it vital to hire a transport service. Not forgetting it also helps in creating opportunity for profitable investment. At the same time, the investment has to be well planned, because this business involves different kinds of threats that may directly affect the company and public.

If you’re looking forward to establish a bus charter Singapore service, you need to understand its pre-requisites and note the important points that your customers are looking out for before they hire a bus charter service. Starting with assessment of your company, you need to ensure safety at all levels. Some major considerations are mentioned below:

Maximum Safety of Facilities

  • Risk assessment of all facilities, such as interior, exterior, driver and other employees, and overall bus safety
  • Assigning photo IDs of all employees
  • Designating parking areas for employees
  • Controlling non-employees, suppliers and vendors to access non-public facilities
  • Video surveillance system to monitor all facilities
  • Security service for safety of facilities

Safety of Equipment

  • Security of baggage bay doors when company personnel are not on duty. This security check must also be included at walk-around inspection.
  • Every bus must have trouble indicator light installed that must be activated by bus driver in case of any problem inside the bus. Standardize the color and light type for all busses.
  • To secure driver’s back, install transparent divider
  • Each bus must have night lights in passenger compartment
  • Develop and train all drivers with emergency response plan
  • Install GPS powered emergency beacon to deal with unfortunate incident on the road

For Drivers

Some of the following safety measures are also applicable on limousine service Singapore as well.

  • All drivers must have company photo identity
  • Apart from pre-trip message, the driver should also check all internal accessories and installation upon arrival at destination.
  • Develop SOP for drivers to help them make all kinds of decisions while driving. Support your driver in making right decisions related to on board passenger, ejection or any other decision made due to security risk.
  • Install a communication system for drivers so that they can keep in touch with the control room. Some examples include cellular phones, panic buttons, GPS etc.

Ensure Public Safety

  • Train all employees to identify and show proper response to possible threats.
  • Create a procedure to conduct random checks of passenger and their baggage
  • Follow the public policy stipulated by transportation security department
  • Restrict passengers to take alcohol during travelling. You must have the right to refuse if anyone, or group tries to board under the influence of alcohol.
  • Restrict all forms of dangerous items inside passenger compartment.
  • Designate at least one staff member to check all security aspects of the company.
  • Use signs in boarding areas, and notifications in pre-trip announcements, to notify public that any terrorist act is a crime.
  • Establish a set of instructions for baggage, such as size and weight, and procedures for submitting and receiving baggage.

With the help of these tips, you can establish and improve upon your bus rental company. Without a doubt, there is so much essential step to take note before proceeding on with your plan. However, remember that there are so many benefits in renting a bus service in Singapore and for sure, the demand will never back down