If you are planning to host your wedding party in Singapore, a bus charter service is an excellent way of ensuring all your guests arrive on time for your wedding. By hiring such services, you can be assured that your guests’ transport is well taken care of. For some of your guests who are new in Singapore, it can be an uphill task trying to look for the wedding venue even if they use the GPRS.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life that you should enjoy. This fun will elude you if your guests are late for the event or are stranded somewhere trying to figure out the route or even caught up in a traffic snarl-up that is synonymous with our town lately.

Here are four reasons why bus charter services are an excellent idea for your wedding:

Charter buses are stylish and luxurious. They vary in size and can accommodate all your guests. They are spacious since they are made with luxury in mind. Your guests do not have to squeeze in between the seats or get their wedding attires dirty. Companies that deal with such buses observe a very high standard of hygiene since they understand their customers. They even come with luxurious additions such as free WIFI and music systems. Your guests can, therefore, set the mood by listening to musical beats as they make their way to the reception.

Hiring bus charter services for your wedding gives you reliability. Public transport services may disappoint your guests, especially with the recent train breakdowns. Such means of transportation is very unpredictable and may delay your guests who will end up arriving late at the wedding. However, with a chartered bus, your guests will be picked and dropped to the wedding venue hassle free.

Bus charters will give your guests flexibility when attending your wedding. If for instance, you wish to enjoy uninterrupted photo sessions at one of the city’s attractions like the Henderson Waves, all they need is to board the bus and enjoy a luxurious ride to the location. If you wish to enjoy an after party dance with the guests, the bus can chauffer them to the venue effortlessly and drop them off at agreed locations once the evening activities are over.

Help your guests save money
When planning for your wedding, you can decide just to have everyone else drive themselves to the venue and only take care of your transportation and that of your entourage. However, it will definitely make your guests happier if they can cut costs on their transport. Plan everything with their comfort and safety in mind.

Your desire is that they enjoy the wedding without worrying about transport services. Incorporating bus charter services in your plans will save your guests money, and they will enjoy your wedding. Remember for a wedding to turn out glamorous and enjoyable you need friends and relatives to celebrate the day and witness such an event with you. Go out of your way and provide them with comfortable and luxurious transport services that will ferry them to and from the wedding.

If transport services were not part of your wedding plans, now you have reasons why you should include them in your itinerary. Do not let guests get stranded waiting for public transport services to get them to your wedding. Have them ride in style and make your day memorable. Shop around for companies that offer bus charter services and choose a vehicle that will suit your needs.