Limousines are at the pinnacle of luxury, when it comes to luxury vehicles. It allows you enjoy world class hospitality as you sit back and savor the seamless ride, or more precisely the glide. Opting for a rented limousine service for a special occasion is one of the smartest ways to make it memorable. Whereas limos are high end variants anyway, we also have the priciest variants customized to perfection. We look at some of the most expensive limos of all time.

1. The Lamborghini Aventador limo
The concept of combining a Lamborghini with a limo was introduced in 2013. It was fitted with a Lamborghini engine of 6.5 liter capacity which provides power up to 700hp. Apart from the power and the looks of the vehicle, the interiors are custom created with amenities expected from a high end limo vehicle. About seven people can be accommodated in the rear, comfortably. It is fitted with a L shaped couch and also has plasma television sets, hookups for your iPods and also a glorious champagne bar. Although not a reality yet, this concept for an uber pricey limo is nothing short of being called awesome. The price tag however is understandably steep.

2. The Batmobile
It is easily one of the most expensive limos priced at 4.2 million dollars! Built in 2012, this vehicle has been inspired from the Batman movies. It is equipped with all gadgets used by Batman and is a cut above the average limo you have. You have rear flaps for brake adjustments, a rocket launcher, a missile launcher, gasoline control and of course a super powerful jet engine. The design is a complex and intriguing one based on the corvette and is adorned with points and curves fit for a superhero. And, the price tag is of extremely attractive too.

3. The Beast
Used by Barrack Obama in 2009, this stretch limo enjoys a price tag of a whopping 3 million dollars. It is fitted with armored plates which are tough enough for blocking an RPG! This strength justifies its name. It is extremely well equipped and is fitted with everything including a firefighting equipment, tear gas cans, oxygen tanks, grenade launchers and shotguns. The chauffer needs extensive training for managing a vehicle of this nature. It can accommodate up to seven heads. The bench meant for the president of India is covered with a dark blue cloth; shoulder belts are buckled to the outboard corners and are retracted towards the middle of the bench.

4. The Toyota Century Royal
This is a limited edition limo, only 4 units of which have been built so far since it was first created by the Japanese automobile giant in 2006. It was exclusively created for the royal family of Japan. It is equipped with a V12 engine with a capacity of 5 liters. It also has a automatic transmission system, cushioning upholstery with wool cloth, leather compartments and entry steps in the interior made from granite.

There are many more interesting variants available including the Boeing Limo and the Midnight Rider.

Limo rides require responsible behavior from passengers for proper upkeep and maintenance. Be it a limousine service or a minibus rental service, it is important to maintain the vehicle as one’s own and refrain from any form of abuse.