There are so many beautiful destinations to go to.

  • El Nido beach in Philippines, Lake Malawi in Malawi, Langkawi island in Malaysia, Victoria river in Australia, Valleys, Mountains, Forests, National parks – every place is full of natural beauty

Then there are man-made places for fun and entertainment.

  • Places like world’s tallest building in Dubai, Sydney orchestra, Eifel tower, the Great Wall of China, the Disney land, and Smithsonian institution in Washington and many other places like these remain flooded with tourists throughout the year.

But if you haven’t been to colorful singapore, you’re truly missing one important travel experience in your travel blog.

This one calls for truly exciting trip to some of the most inspiring destinations of the world.

  • The National orchid garden, the great Mount Faber and The Singapore River.
  • Have relaxation plans this summer? Enjoy the soothing sand in Sentosa and the small islands nearby.
  • Along the east coast you can enjoy luxurious resorts as well.

Overall, you have every reason to spend each moment in one of Asia’s prime locations, that’s definitely worth paying for.

Things to consider while traveling:

Keeping aside all other worries, traveling expense is the major factor that you need to consider before leaving home. Anyhow, there are some good ways to help you save money on traveling.

Tour companies

Normally, tourists consult tour companies for travel packages, because they offer everything which normal person may not think about.

A complete travel package consists of conveyance, guide, accommodation, trips to multiple places, or any other service they desire for.

Different kinds of tour and sightseeing packages are available. For example:

  • City tour starts from $19.90 for adult and $15.90 for child
  • Historical tour starts from $31 for adult and $16 for child

On the way back you will have a limousine service drop you at the airport.

But tour packages are time-bound and you need to be on your toes to keep pace with them.

Bus charter service

Alternatively, you can travel on your own or in groups. Get a hotel or a rental room to stay. Contact any bus charter singapore service to reach those exciting destinations and enjoy for as long as you can. There is no doubt that there are many benefits in renting a bus service. You can charter a bus on following rates:

  • For one way: charter a 10-seater bus between $40 and $55; 20-seater bus for $60 – $80; and so on.
  • For two-way travel: a 10-seater bus can be chartered for $80 – $90; 20-seater for $120 – $160; and so on.
  • Hourly charges: a 10-seater bus can be chartered at $30 per hour and 20-seater at $40 per hour. Bus can be chartered for at least 3 hours.


With the peak hours in Singapore making it impossible for tourists in group to take the public transport, there are many other reasons why tourists should hire a bus charter service. However, smaller groups could rent minibus service at economical rates.

The rates vary throughout the year and they also depend upon time and distance.