Singapore has not only been famous for its businesses, people and investment sectors, there are many locations and significant places in Singapore to visit. However, travelling in big groups overseas can be a hassle. Despite the easy mode of transportation in Singapore, getting into a public transport in a large group during peak hours will be impossible. With so many bus charter services and limousine service in Singapore, travelling in Singapore will be a breeze.

Here are some of the benefits of renting a bus for tours and sightseeing.

Stay Together

Most of the time, people travel in groups (that costs less), and that’s the best option for them. You will not only be able to enjoy the trip with your friends, colleagues or family members, you’ll have a luxury to customize your trips, which may not be possible with tour companies.

You can rent a minibus and go to places which many tour companies don’t show you in their packages. You can prolong your trips (charges may vary) and adjust your tour plans. So, there’s no point hurrying! You’re not going to miss your bus!

Safety and Comfort

Bus charter Singapore services follow strict rules in terms of passenger safety and security. Prohibited items are not allowed inside the compartment such as alcohol and cigarette. Luxurious and spacious seats in the charted bus can be adjusted to give you extra comfort. All buses are fully equipped with conditioning systems to overcome the hot climate in Singapore.

Affordable Rental Rates

A bus rental will not only save your time, but also take you directly to the specified location you are seeking to. Although, public transport may be the cheapest available option here, chances are, you might lose some of your group mates because of the limited space in these vehicles. Plus, public transport follow strict time table, so you have to keep up with their schedule all the time. This will not be the case with bus rental.