If you make a list of top 10 countries with best transportation networks in the world, Singapore would be ranked second, if not the top position. And there are plenty of good reasons for that. The country invests open-handedly in all the transportation facilities; government-owned or private and makes sure it offers best travel experience to the public.

The major reason for so much care and maintenance of Singapore transport network is due to tourism. The country welcomes more than 8 million tourists from around the world each year. Apart from the public transport, private transport facilities also have their own place in the entire setup. It plays complementary to public transport, offering viable options with attractive tour packages.

However, peak hours are among the common problems in public transportation. Hence, when it comes to tour and expedition, bus rental service has been the backbone of the tour industry in Singapore. The service is a fast and feasible way to tour all across the country.

Local and international tourists have been keen to use bus charter service as they find it efficient especially when they access places with no direct public transport. We cannot deny that there are many benefits on renting a bus service. Additionally, here are the 10 good reasons why private bus service will be more favorable for you.

  1. Time: Unlike public transport that follows schedule strictly, you’ll get a 24/7 service that will take you anywhere within time. So, if you’re looking to visit many places in a limited time, trust minibus rental Singapore.
  2. Tour Cost: There is no denying that the public transport offers benefits and discounts for specific travel time. However, you cannot base your tour on their time table. In this context, private service will be more suitable for you, giving you a complete tour package with other relaxations.
  3. Availability: As mentioned earlier, the private transport network is important for tourism industry. Because of flexible rules and other benefits, many services are available in the market, giving you more than enough options to travel.
  4. Performance: While they may vary performance wise, private transport services adhere to certain rules and regulations. Plus, high completion in the industry makes the job easier for travelers.
  5. Safety: At the beginning of the tour, individuals are briefed with all the safety features, include state-of-the-art monitoring systems installed by the company.
  6. Luggage issues: You may have luggage issues in public transport, but when you take a bus on rent, you can take all necessary items with you in the luggage.
  7. Large groups: You can avoid space issue if you travel in groups of 5, 10, 15 or more in public transport. Hence, making it one of the vital reason for a transport rental service is needed.
  8. Airport transport: Private companies also offer limousine service for airports, city tours and weddings.
  9. Hotel transport: Similarly, you can get hotel transport to and from any destination, if you contact private bus company.
  10. Value addition: Apart from the above mentioned privileges, you will also get discount, have extra mileages, get travel vouchers and more, if you opt for a particular bus service.

So, if you haven’t contacted any private service, you can give us a call and get the best service in the city.